write a test for every bug? please do.

I recently stumbled upon a question on Stack overflow, that actually intrigued me and made me write an article on “why you should write a test for every bug”. The person’s question was: Should I write a small test for every bug / defect /ticket ? Response from StackExchange, testing community: “I do not create

testing macOS Mojave Public Beta

Apple has just released the 2nd public beta for macOS Mojave Public Beta, and I have downloaded it and installed it! Here’s the news story. In order to get started, you need to enroll the Apple Beta Program, then install the thing. Enroll Here: Install it, by downloading the tool that apple suggests.   I enrolled,

9 + things to do after installing Ubuntu 18.04 – for Testers

First thing first, this is an explanatory post on how to setup/configure/things to do after installing Ubuntu for Automation QA and install required apps/tools for using this system, as a super happy user(me!). This guide contains a list of apps that I use to install in my Linux System in order to be productive. Short

What’s in a tester’s mind(set)?

Have you ever wished to have superpowers and read people’s mind? Yeah, we all did! As I write this I already want to know what will you think when you read this so this goes beyond imagination.  How the tester’s mindset influences his/her work? This is a great question, isn’t it? Testers have minds obviously and people

6 factors for the success of any QA project

As the level of globalization rises, is getting more and more difficult to fully complete a project. In our days, the demand is critical, the deadlines are almost impossible to meet and the clients always unpleased. Mobile applications changed the whole concept of the meaning of a project. Everything is fast, everyone needs fast results.

The path for efficient QA

What is an efficient QA? Sometimes it is quite hard to understand what is the best path you should have to have an efficient QA process. This is why in this article you’ll find some suggestions in how to do it. This is the path for efficient QA 1. Frequency You want to test the

What are the basic phases of QA?

  What are the daily tasks of a QA analyst? In this article you’ll find what are I frequently get questions regarding what my daily tasks are as a QA analyst. This is a snippet of what we do in the QA department on any given day for anyone who wants to know or wants

Is your software user friendly?

What does it mean user friendly? What are the characteristics that an user friendly sofware should have? In general a software is user friendly when it has an interface that is easy to use. It is not difficult to understand for the end-user. Anyhow, “user friendly” can be a really subjective term and the expectations

enable hot corners in ubuntu 18.04

Hot corners is a wonderfully useful feature for Ubuntu. It is used for spreading all the windows, and managing workspaces.   HOW TO ENABLE HOT CORNERS IN UBUNTU 18.04 Paste in your terminal: gsettings set org.gnome.shell enable-hot-corners true   HOW TO DISABLE HOT CORNERS IN UBUNTU 18.04 Paste in your terminal: gsettings set org.gnome.shell enable-hot-corners

You VS Artificial Intelligence

Would you bet on you if there was to choose between you, as a freelance tester, and Artificial Intelligence? There is a lot of buzz around how AI will influence anything from jobs to food. And there is no doubt it is already doing it. What about you? How will influence you? With all this

What to do not to get insane as a Freelance Tester

People often say that as a freelancer you can easily go insane if not careful. What do you mean not careful? Well, meaning you tend to forget that you are a human being and act as a freelance tester robot walking around in pajamas and dark circles around your eyes.   As a freelance tester, you must

What is exploratory testing?

As days pass, we can all notice how the world around us becomes more and more technology dependent. People have panic attacks when they don’t find their phone, or if their phone seems not to work properly. Companies call the day off if the employee’s programs don’t work properly and who is to blame? Testers…This

Can you plan the exploratory testing?

So, how to plan exploratory testing? In a previous article about Exploratory testing, I told you about the differences between exploratory testing and scripted testing and which one is the best. The conclusion was neither. Go back to the article if you haven’t read it already to understand why. Now that you are back, I can

Why you should consider Exploratory Testing

FIrst of all, what is exploratory testing? And why you should consider exploratory testing? There are different approaches for software testing. Some are more rigorous, while some others enable the freedom and creativity of the tester. Cem Kaner is the first one who came with the concept of exploratory testing, in the year 1984. He

How to manage your time better as a freelancer

If you’re like most of the freelance developers out there, you probably chose this career path in part for the freedom it promised. Maybe you were being overworked and underpaid at your previous job and saw this as a way to solve both of those issues. What many people fail to realize, though, is that,