Perfect Custom Mac Build

Perfect Custom Mac Pro build for QA Engineering

I don’t want to waste your time. This article is about my experience on choosing and creating a powerful stable computer(perfect hackintosh) that runs the latest OS version, under $1k and beats the 2018 iMac or the new mac mini. I am continuously testing this build. I started building my perfect hackintosh for few reasons: There’s no way in hell I could afford spending $5k on an iMac + eGPU. […]

How to write bug reports that don’t suck

Anyone can spot a bug, but how many of us know how to report it properly? Every person who has written software for public use has probably received some bug reports really hard to understand. These are the reports that don’t say nothing, like “it doesn’t work”, give the wrong information or no information at all. In order to make it work the best way it is importat to know how […]

Even more time management tips for a freelance developer..

As we’ve said before, time management can be a real concern for freelance developers. For those of you out there still struggling to properly get your freelancing scheduled out. We’ve returned with more ideas to help you fight this battle of wills: Get rid of the clutter first And by clutter we don’t mean the one on your desk, this time around. We mean all those small, fast tasks that […]

Dealing with subcontractors as a freelancer

While working as a freelancer can, for some people, mean you always have to be on the hunt for your next project. Others have the opposite problem – they have too much on their plate. If you’re a freelance developer and find yourself in the position of having to constantly turn down projects because you physically lack the time to take them on. You’ve probably considered hiring a couple of […]

Managing expectations as a freelancer

Working as a freelance developer offers you many well-known advantages. But one of the drawbacks is that you’re responsible for meeting with new possible clients and discussing everything. Quite a number of the freelance developers we’ve talked to seem to run into the same issue. Not being able to properly manage the expectations of their new clients. You should never assume that your client has worked with freelance developers before. They […]

Dark secrets of going freelance

Still not sure if you want to go freelance or not? You still fear the thought of quitting your job for a freelance tester job? How does the freelancer life looks like more exactly? You fear there are dark secrets of going freelance? Well, yes, there are secrets no one speaks about. The thought of just taking life into your own hands might sound terrifying, but pros and cons are everywhere. Sometimes […]

Protractor and Internet Explorer testing

How to configure protractor with Internet Explorer I will assume that there’s no need on to describe how to install and run Protractor, however, here’s a quick summary: You have to install Java, Node JS, and my personal preference, Cmder (this is not mandatory, windows cmd line works just fine) First of all, you need IEDriverServer. I will try to make this as simple as possible. The proper way to […]

write a test for every bug? please do.

I recently stumbled upon a question on Stack overflow, that actually intrigued me and made me write an article on “why you should write a test for every bug”. The person’s question was: Should I write a small test for every bug / defect /ticket ? Response from StackExchange, testing community: “I do not create a new test case for every bug. I believe testing is about managing risk. If […]

testing macOS Mojave Public Beta

Apple has just released the 2nd public beta for macOS Mojave Public Beta, and I have downloaded it and installed it! Here’s the news story. In order to get started, you need to enroll the Apple Beta Program, then install the thing. Enroll Here: Install it, by downloading the tool that apple suggests.   I enrolled, started the installation, then the install got stuck. (see picture) What to do if Mojave […]

9 + things to do after installing Ubuntu 18.04 – for Testers

First thing first, this is an explanatory post on how to setup/configure/things to do after installing Ubuntu for Automation QA and install required apps/tools for using this system, as a super happy user(me!). This guide contains a list of apps that I use to install in my Linux System in order to be productive. Short history story first: I’ve switched from Windows to Ubuntu for Automation Testing. I’ve used Windows […]

What’s in a tester’s mind(set)?

Have you ever wished to have superpowers and read people’s mind? Yeah, we all did! As I write this I already want to know what will you think when you read this so this goes beyond imagination.  How the tester’s mindset influences his/her work? This is a great question, isn’t it? Testers have minds obviously and people would like to know what in their minds. You are a tester so you should […]

6 factors for the success of any QA project

As the level of globalization rises, is getting more and more difficult to fully complete a project. In our days, the demand is critical, the deadlines are almost impossible to meet and the clients always unpleased. Mobile applications changed the whole concept of the meaning of a project. Everything is fast, everyone needs fast results. What are the factors of a successful QA project?    6 factors for a successful […]

Is your software user friendly?

What does it mean user friendly? What are the characteristics that an user friendly sofware should have? In general a software is user friendly when it has an interface that is easy to use. It is not difficult to understand for the end-user. Anyhow, “user friendly” can be a really subjective term and the expectations might be different. Here you have a list of some criterias of an user friendly […]