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Choose Protractor for Testing your Web Application!

Reasons for working with Protractor:

  • It gives the ability to test both AngularJS and non-AngularJS site
  • It’s fast to write tests -> we can speed up the testing, replacing manual labour.
  • It gives you the ability to execute tests locally and remotely i.e. in Sauce Labs - > test multiple environments / browsers.
  • It integrates with Continuous Integration systems -> we can run tests for every change.

What can we test with Protractor:

1. UI testing - User Interface testing

User Interface testing refers to checking if some specific elements were correctly rendered in the page. With Protractor we can assert if a specific HTML element was rendered in the page.
Even Easier. User Interface testing refers to how an user sees an element, and interact with that. With Protractor can do that, automatically.

2. Functionality testing - Regression testing

E2E End-to-end testing is a methodology used to test whether the flow of an application is performing as designed from start to finish. The purpose of carrying out end-to-end tests is to identify system dependencies and to ensure that the right information is passed between various system components and systems.

End-to-end testing involves ensuring that the integrated components of an application function as expected. The entire application is tested in a real-world scenario such as communicating with the database, network, hardware and other applications.

For example, a simplified end-to-end testing of an email application might involve:

  • Logging in to the application
  • Accessing the inbox
  • Opening and closing the mailbox
  • Composing, forwarding or replying to email
  • Checking the sent items
  • Logging out of the application

Why you should work with me :

  • I absolutely love a good challenge.
  • I am really good QA Tester - > Over 8 years experience.
  • I have 3+ years experience with QA testing and 5+ years experience in Software Development.
  • I’m fun and easy to get along with and I know what I’m talking about. I’m not afraid to tell the truth and won’t take on clients if I don’t feel I can help them.

My guarantees:

  • I will always work with fixed fees(FYI, my rate is $25/hour + taxes).
  • I will work until the customer is happy.
  • My work schedules starts: when is required - ends when the work is finished.

Should I use Protractor for My Automation Project?

Absolutely. You should use Protractor for it's sync with Angular. Using Protractor you will get all the Selenium's benefits, because it's written on top of Selenium.

Bonus reason for working with Protractor: You can write JavaScript code for E2E testing. Basically, you're using the same programming language as your front-end.

Are you a tester or a developer?

I'm both! I write code for the purpose of testing and software automation.

Small background info: I started working as a front-end developer some years ago, then I fell in love with software testing and automation.

What are my guarantees?

Nobody can guarantee that there are no bugs! However, with automation, I can guarantee that your product will have less bugs, and it will be more stable.

What's the purpose of automation testing and Protractor?

The whole automation purpose is to find and fix issues before anyone else notices!

It's perfectly normal to make a mistake. It would make sense that the mistakes are fixed before the customer notices.

This said, with automation testing, you can make sure that the developers are the first how are knowing about any application issues.

About Protractor and E2E testing

Definition: Protractor is a wrapper for the JavaScript Selenium Webdriver. Therefore – you get all the capabilities of the Webdriver and Selenium – along with a number of very useful additions.


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